Chelsea fans unlikely to ever learn truths behind constant injuries – Talk Chelsea

Should Chelsea be coming out and making a statement on them and explaining what they are going to be doing to try and get on top all these ridiculous amount of injuries of late? I believe they should be.

We see many reports around suggesting that they are looking to make more hires in the medical department, does this mean they are pinning the blame there? Do they think it’s all just hugely unfortunate luck? Again, it would be nice to hear from them directly on this, because it’s become a total disgrace.

For me, it’s going to be a mixture of everything. The players are clearly worked very hard by Mauricio Pochettino, who has a massive emphasis on running a lot and being stupidly fit.

It’s obviously a positive to have a super fit team to be able to press high and have a nonstop work rate, but is that effecting some of the players and causing more injuries? Probably.

Are the players being rushed back too soon? Are they not being bought back in soon enough? And if the answer is yes, which it probably is for both questions on some occasions, then who is signing that off and making those decisions? Medical staff? Manager? Owners? Directors? Again, more questions we would like to know the answers to but will surely get very little correspondence on other than media reports and claims. Why not clear it all up yourselves?

I know I am asking a lot of questions here without providing the answers but in all honesty, we know very little on this other than I heard they want to revamp the medical department some more before the summer, but there has already been some big changes there and now it looks like we will be seeing more. So does that mean the previous changes didn’t work and we made the wrong hires? Again, probably.

The players also have a responsibility to look after themselves away from Cobham. Have some of them being doing too much and making themselves too heavy by doing too many weights? Are they eating the right foods and doing the right recovery…

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Author : Simon Phillips

Publish date : 2024-03-29 18:30:12

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