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It’s certainly not all doom and gloom at Chelsea right now and despite the fact that we are sat in 11th place in the Premier League in mid-March. I still have no doubts that our owners are full of ambition in and passion for this club.

I see and hear all the negativity about the owners and I’ve consistently expressed my own concerns with them, the sporting directors, and many of the decisions that have been made, and mistakes they have made too.

But I think it’s important to remember that any business, especially a football club, NEEDS to make profit, and NEEDS to make good profit. And essentially, winning football matches is THE best way to do this. So how anyone can doubt the ambitions of the owners in that sense is beyond me. Of course they want to win, AND make profits! The two go hand in hand. If they don’t win then we don’t make serious profits from European football and top sponsorship revenue etc.

They are going to do things that we don’t agree with, and we can and should continue to be vocal about that as a fanbase. It’s our right to do that as passionate fans. We pay a lot of money to support our club, so of course we must have a voice and call things as we see them.

I’m not going to go fully into the things I think they have done wrong again, as I haven written about that enough times in recent weeks and months. But on the whole, I think the squad build has been naive and certain areas and positions have been neglected.

Having said that though, I have been impressed with some of the talents that our sporting directors have found and signed, and although I’ve not been impressed with ALL of them, I do think they have shown talent spotting to largely be an area of expertise for them on the whole. Joe Shields I think is particularly talented in spotting and recommending young players.

However, what they have failed to do is build a squad for this season and the here and now, yet whilst setting expectations that are vastly unrealistic…

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Author : Simon Phillips

Publish date : 2024-03-13 17:31:59

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