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The National Soccer Hall of Fame –

One could easily assume that the most popular team sports in the United States – the nation’s Top Three (football, basketball and baseball)- have also the oldest halls of fame. This is partly true. The oldest of all is the National Baseball Hall of Fame, established in 1936, in New York, followed by a sport whose current professional league is the newest among other sports in the USA: soccer.

MLS was founded just in 1996, while MLB came to life in…1876 (as the National League), NHL in 1917, NFL in 1920 and NBA in 1946. Of course there have been various professional soccer leagues before the Major League Soccer’s introduction in the mid 90s. Those leagues trully contributed to the developement of the sport, but the MLS was the one that has pushed soccer to another level over the course of the past 10 years. And soccer has been long heralded as the sport of America’s future, nearly matching baseball’s popularity!

Below is the ranking of America’s favorite spectator sports according to Philly Voice’s 2017 Gallup poll.

Football 37%
Basketball 11%
Baseball 9%
Soccer 7%
Ice Hockey 4%

The American Soccer League (1921)

The first significant and viable professional soccer league in the U.S. was the ASL (American Soccer League) which lasted from 1921 until 1933. Its popularity even rivalled that of the NFL!

Unfortunatley, disputes with the USFA and FIFA ultimately led to the league’s collapse in 1933. But, during those 13 seasons several clubs left their mark in the American soccer history: Fall River Marksmen from Massachusetts, NY Giants, New York FC (1916-1924), Bethlehem Steel (1907-1930) and Brooklyn Wanderers (1895-1933). Prior to ASL’s establishment, several semi-professional leagues existed like the NAFL (1895-1898).

Straight after the original ASL folded in 1933, a successor league under the same name was founded and lasted for 50 years (1933-1983). The main difference to the original league was the much smaller…

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