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Potter’s words on playing style is very positive – Talk Chelsea

Of course, anyone can say words, and it is always the actions that will speak the loudest. However, Graham Potter’s first words as the new Chelsea boss sit very well with me and sound very positive.

I’m going to isolate one thing in particular and I’ll explain why below, but you can read all his words, watch the interviews, and see all the images of Potter on the Chelsea website today.

But the section I want to hone in on is how he wants to get his Chelsea players playing. Potter says: “I want a tactically flexible, attacking, possession-based team. Players that are brave, that aren’t afraid to make mistakes. That can get on the ball and show courage and really try to enjoy their football.”

‘Players that are brave’ is the quote that truly resonates with me, as well as players ‘that aren’t afraid to make mistakes’. Because watching Chelsea play over this last year, that is the one major issue I believe we have faced, our players not willing to be brave enough on the ball and being scared of giving it away and getting a public dressing down by Thomas Tuchel.

Whether this was a mentality issue or whether they just wanted to avoid a telling off from the boss, it was clearly an issue. I am not debating whether it was right or wrong for them to not show bravery on the ball due to fear of losing it and getting shouted at, that can be for another day.

But the fact that this has been highlighted by the new boss is very positive to me. This is a guy who seems very intuitive and is an expert in man-management, and I think this is an area he can shine in.

A lot of our players are more than capable of hitting those through passes or balls over the top, yet they just haven’t been willing to try it often enough. If Potter can bring that side of the players out more and encourage them to be brave, then that is a major plus point in my eyes.

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Author : Simon Phillips

Publish date : 2022-09-13 07:07:53

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